80% Recovery From Anxiety Neurosis Obtain In Just 1 Year With Homeopathy At Life Force

    33-years-old Mr. M.R.G from Andheri, Mumbai (PIN 18404) consulted Dr. Shah on 28th February 2012 for the treatment of Anxiety Neurosis.

    His anxiety was manifested in the form of vibration sensation in the body along with weakness in extremities for one year. His gait was normal. He had no cramps in the muscles. He had taken a few multivitamins as prescribed by a local physician. Then, he started realizing that all his complaints had increased before any assignment at work. He was a broker in a major broking firm in real estate.

    Slowly, his frequency of complaints increased and he developed panic symptoms, such as trembling of hands and perspiration, which lasted for a few minutes. It started affecting his work and career. He used to get these complaints once or twice a week.

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    He came across an article on anxiety neurosis written by Dr. Shah on our website and decided to consult. All his details were noted with care. Basically, he was a jovial person, but, due to work pressure, he developed anxiety. He had a constant fear of business loss.

    Dr. Shah studied his case details and suggested that the complaint of vibration sensation might be because of smoking. He was a heavy smoker. He was advised to taper smoking slowly and quit smoking. After considering his case details, Dr. Shah prescribed his constitutional medicine along with our research-based medicines for anxiety neurosis.

    At a follow-up after two months of the treatment in May 2012, Mr. M.R.G reported with a 20% improvement in his complaints of panic symptoms in the terms of intensity and frequency. He had reduced smoking, which initially was difficult for him but Dr. Shah reassured him. He was advised to drink plenty of water and practice a few exercises by Dr. Shah.

    At a follow-up after six months of the treatment in October 2012, he reported with a 50% improvement in his complaints. He was happy to report that he was able to perform his work with confidence now. He thanked Dr. Shah, as he once thought of quitting his profession.

    At a follow-up after 10 months of the treatment in January 2013, he reported with a slight increase in his complaints. His case was reviewed. Dr. Shah made a few changes in his medicines and advised him to continue the medicines.

    At a follow-up after 12 months of the treatment in March 2013, he reported with 80% improvement in his condition. He stated that he gets only a few symptoms of anxiety during stressful situations but that too he was able to handle with confidence. He planned to open his own consulting firm. Dr. Shah advised continuing the medicines for complete recovery.


    This case highlights that homeopathy is quite effective in treating anxiety neurosis successfully and safely and improves your quality of life significantly.

    (Written by Dr. SB, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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    Anxiety Neurosis

    Anxiety Neurosis

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