Anxiety, Recurrent Sinusitis, & Tonsillitis Cured In 2 Months Of Homeopathic Treatment

    A 32-years-old homemaker, Mrs. P. J. T. (PIN 17917) visited our clinic on 7th January 2012 accompanied by her husband. She had been suffering from recurrent sinusitis for 4 months. Her sinusitis discomfort would occur once in 15 days and would last for 4 – 5 days. It would start with throat pain, followed by ear pain and itching, and followed by pain in the paranasal sinuses. She would get thick, yellowish scanty discharges. She would feel pressing pain at the root of her nose. She would feel feverish occasionally. Her complaints would increase in the morning, in the rainy season, and on forward bending. She would take antibiotics and anti-allergic as and when required. Her elder sister and twin sister also had the same complaints.

    She also complained of frequent tonsillitis. She would experience pain and difficulty in swallowing. She would experience this once in a month for 4 – 5 days. She would feel mild feverish. This would increase in the rainy season and winter and after eating cold food or after eating curds. She would take allopathic medicines as and when required.

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    She had a strong family history of cancer, and she was extremely anxious with fear of herself suffering from cancer.

    Her appetite was average with liking for sour, sweets, and rice. She was sensitive to the cold weather.

    She was a homemaker. Her husband was a manager in a bank. She had a 4 years old son. She was staying in a nuclear family.

    She was sensitive and would easily get offended. She was apprehensive regarding her illness and thought negatively about her health. She would always like to be in the company of people.

    Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah, and she was prescribed Thuja Occidentalis 30c along with other research-based medicines.

    She visited Life Force on 6th February 2012 with her niece. She was glad to report that she was cured within 2 months of medication.


    This case highlights that homeopathy is effective in curing anxiety, tonsillitis, and recurrent sinusitis in a short span of time successfully and safely without any side effects.

    (Written by Dr. M. N. P, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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