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Case-8: Chronic Alopecia Areata bald spot treatment with homeopathy

Mrs. R.P, a twenty nine years old female (Patient Identification Number 9623) visited Life Force on 15th May 2007 for the treatment of Alopecia Areata. She was suffering from Alopecia Areata from the past two and half years. She was having large bald spots over the vertex region. She had used oral and local steroids and homeopathic medicines as well. She got temporary relief in hair fall but there was no hair re growth.

She was a known case of Hypothyroidism and was on thyroid supplements since last two years. This could be the reason for her poor response to steroids. She was a regular visitor of our website and she had learned that the thyroid levels must be evaluated in cases of alopecia, so she took the initiative and got herself tested. And she was detected to be hypothyroid. She consulted an endocrinologist and was started on eltroxin. Despite this, there was no expected re growth. Finally she came to take Homeopathic treatment under Dr Rajesh Shah. She had a deep faith in Dr Shah’s treatment. Her case was studied in detail.

She also had a strong family history of autoimmune diseases. Her sister had Alopecia Areata and her father was suffering from Diabetes Mellitus.

She had a strong craving for non vegetarian food, specially chicken and spicy food. Bowel habits and urination were normal. She would get profuse perspiration over the palms and soles. She was more tolerant to cold as compared to heat.

The patient was a housewife. Her husband was an engineer, working in a private company in Pune. She was a fun loving person, she would like to be amongst company. Because of her illness, she had developed many negative thoughts. She was very anxious about her Alopecia Areata. Mrs. R.P was sensitive by nature; she could cry easily. She could not control her tears even while narrating her complaints. This condition had made her life very miserable and she had become socially withdrawn. She had deep embarrassment, when she would be out doors and people would notice her. She would tie a silk muffler over her head, however even that was conspicuous.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed research based homeopathic medicines. In the initial two months of the treatment, there was 30% improvement in her Alopecia Areata. There was hair re growth on the large bald spot over the vertex region. Hair Fall had stopped completely and there were no new spots of Alopecia Areata.

In all her further follow ups she showed improvement in her Alopecia Areata. With one and half years of regular homeopathic treatment she recovered completely from her Alopecia Areata. For her Hypothyroidism, she had to continue thyroid supplements.

She was extremely happy with the treatment. Her faith regained, her actions justified.

(Uploade by Dr. G.A.J on 2nd December 2011)


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