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Cortisone free treatment for Alopecia Areata:

You have been looking for Alopecia Areata treatment. You have been detected or may have been there for a few months or even years. Unfortunately, it tends to visit you again and again?

Moreover, you have taken cortisone injection or tablets or cream? Well, it may not have helped you for long. The shared experience is that once you treat Alopecia Areata using cortisone, the disease may appear elsewhere on the scalp or hands or anywhere.

Are you looking for a long-lasting and safe treatment for Alopecia Areata? Then we have an experienced-based and research-proven solution for your problem.

Know the cause

Alopecia Areata is a disease of the immune system (autoimmune disease). In autoimmune diseases, your immune system does not function properly, is eventually unable to identify your body cells, and ends up attacking them.

In Alopecia Areata, cells of your immune system attack your own hair follicles, causing patchy hair loss on any hairy part of the body. The visible hair loss is due to an internal autoimmune response.

The factors responsible for this autoimmune response could be genetic, hormonal, stress, nutritional deficiencies, intake of certain medications, post-acute illness, or some other autoimmune diseases. Hence while treating Alopecia Areata, these factors should be taken into consideration. In addition, being an internal disease Alopecia Areata has to be treated internally by correcting the root cause.

What can conventional treatment offer in Alopecia Areata?

Commonly used options in a conventional mode of treatment for Alopecia Areata are corticosteroids (injections, local applications, or oral medication), hair growth-promoting factors like minoxidil, and anthralin, immunosuppressants like cyclosporin, methotrexate, etc.

As per our experience, corticosteroids suppress the immune response and may show an immediate visible result, but hair loss may appear on different sites of the scalp or hairy part of the body. In addition, due to prolonged use of corticosteroids, the disease may become resistant to further treatment.

Most of the above-mentioned conventional modes of treatment promote temporary hair growth. However, none of them prevent the spread of Alopecia Areata (the appearance of new patches of hair loss). None of them treat the internal cause of the disease, and hence it is not a permanent solution to your problem.

A new approach is called for:

Your Alopecia Areata treatment needs a new and deeper approach. That is homeopathy, which treats disease by going into the roots. Alopecia Areata is an auto-immune disease, that needs immunity correction.

How does research-based homeopathic treatment make a difference?

At Lifeforce, we try to find out the causative factor in your case during case analysis. Individualized homeopathic treatment not only corrects the disturbance at the level of the immune system but also corrects causative factors responsible for it. In this way, homeopathic medicines selected by an expert homeopath treat the root cause of your suffering and give you long-lasting to permanent relief without any side effects.

Early detected, mild to moderate cases respond wonderfully to homeopathic treatment. In extensive cases of Alopecia Areata, homeopathy can offer reasonable control of the disease, and it may promote hair growth in a few cases.

It works and it is online:

Scientifically documented, patented homeopathic treatment for Alopecia Areata, supported by excellent service and support, made available online. Ask Dr Shah's team of doctors if you have questions.

Who we are

Amongst the leading homeopathic clinics in the world, operating from Mumbai, India. We offer Alopecia Areata treatment.

We are currently treating patients from 180 countries.

Under the care of Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD. has experience of 25 years and expertise in treating over 700 cases of Alopecia.

An ISO 9001:2009 certified clinic with a research wing, having patent medicines for Alopecia.

Check the library of documented case photos and case studies.

How we help

We have been offering our online treatment for Alopecia Areata through the internet, since 1995.

You have to keep in touch with us via e-mail, patient support system (PSS), phone or in person.

What you get

You get the best of homeopathic treatment, which is:
- Experience-based (25 years)
- Research proven
- Expertise based on 700+ cases of Alopecia Areata treatments.
- Anywhere in the world, no need to travel
- Excellent service and online support


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