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Alopecia Areata: Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is nothing but patchy hair loss. It can occur on any hairy part of the skin. More about it can be read at Alopecia areata

QIs it same as baldness?

No, it is not. Baldness is a condition where there is loss of hair root hence no possibility of hair growth. In case of Alopecia Areata there is a great chance to regain hair growth. Simple hair lossbaldness and Alopecia Areata are all different conditions.

QCan Alopecia Areata occur in children?

Yes, it can occur in any age.

QWhat are the causes of Alopecia Areata?

Please check this link which explains the causes in detail: Alopecia Areata causes In brief, the causes include genetic, hormonal, drugs, stress, chemicals, and stress related factors.

QCan stress cause Alopecia Areata?

Yes, stress can trigger some immunological or endocrinal changes which may in turn changes which may lead to alopecia. However, stress is not the single factor leading to alopecia.

QIs it connected with Under active Thyroid?

Yes, Alopecia Areata and Under Active Thyroid (hypothyroid) are both auto-immune diseases and are often associated with each other or found in the family history.

QWhat is the difference between Alopecia Areata and Totalis?

For all practical purposes, one or few patches of hair loss is called Alopecia Areata; while total hair loss all over the body, including eyebrows, eyes lashes, all over the skin, is called Alopecia totalis.

QIs there any difference in the treatment between Alopecia totalis and Alopecia Areata?

Yes, the treatment approach is difference and the prognosis is also difference. That is, Alopecia is treatable with great success, while Alopecia totalis is not curable using homeopathy.

QMy local dermatologist has prescribed me topical steroid lotions / steroid injections. I did feel better with it but I lost hair again on the same space/other places. Why?

Steroids may help but superficially. Our experience suggests that by use of steroids, most patients get more spots elsewhere on the skin. Steroids do not address internal autoimmune disorder.

QI have Alopecia Areata as well as Under Active Thyroid (UAT). I have been told that they are related. Does it mean that if I take treatment (thyroid supplement) for UAT, my Alopecia Areata will also get cured?

Not really. Both the conditions are related but call for different medications. Control of Under active thyroid does contribute towards rapid recovery in Alopecia Areata.

QWhat is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine originated in Germany just over 200 years ago. Please click this for more information. www.askdrshah.com/app/homeopathy.asp

QWhy do you suggest homeopathy treatment for Alopecia Areata?

The homeopathic treatment treats Alopecia Areata possibly by regulating the immune mechanism. Read more alopeciaareata treatment

QWhat is the strength of homeopathic treatment?

Homeopathic medicines treat Alopecia Areata very effectively without side effects.

QIf I am on the conventional treatment, can I still start with homeopathy?


QDo I need to stop the conventional medicines for Alopecia Areata, if I have to start with homeopathy?

No. Initially, you have to continue both the medicines simultaneously. Once your Alopecia Areata improves but about 25%, you have to reduce the dose of the conventional medicine; aiming at stopping it completely at one point.

QAre there side effects of homeopathic medicines?

No. Not at all. Homeopathy is safe for babies and pregnant mothers as well.

QDo they interact with the conventional medicines?

No. Homeopathic medicines can be safely taken with the conventional medicines.

QWhen do I start seeing improvement after starting homeopathy medicine?

Most patients start observing improvement within about eight weeks. Those who are on steroids may take time.

QIf I am on some other medications such as drugs for diabetes, hypertension, etc. Do I have to stop them while on homeopathy?

No. You can continue all other medicines for other diseases if you start with homeopathy. Homeopathy does not adversely interact with the conventional medicines.

QWhat are homeopathic medicines prepared from?

The homeopathic medicines are largely sources from minerals, herbs, chemicals, etc. More information available at alopecia-areata-treatment

QHow much time does homeopathy take to cure my Alopecia Areata?

The length of time depends on the factors such as duration of Alopecia Areata, its extent, size and number of spots and the underlying cause. Most people with one or two spots of Alopecia Areata since 3-4 months may get cured within about four months. Older and more spots may take time. Every patient may have different response pattern. You can check curability chances through online assessment test.Curabiility Register Alopecia Areata