Alopecia Areata could affect children, females and males

Early treatment with homeopathy is always better

Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis do not find cure in homeopathy in our experience

Complete or extensive hair loss on most parts of body, called Alopecia Totalis or Universalis is not treated with success with homeopathy

Alopecia Areata & Hair Fall Of A Girl Treated Successfully With Homeopathy In 10 Months


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A young girl, Ms. S.O (PIN: 18006) had developed 4-5 patches of alopecia areata on her scalp in just 3 months. She was facing a problem of severe hair loss since the last 3 months. She was losing around 200 hair strands per day. On examination, there was one big and 4-5 coin-sized patches of alopecia areata present on her scalp. Her patches were increasing rapidly in the last 3 weeks. She did not want to take allopathic medicines as she was afraid of the side-effects. While searching on the internet about different treatment options for alopecia areata, she came across the website of Life Force. After examining all the details, she decided to get treated under the guidance of Dr. Rajesh Shah. She visited Life Force on 18th January 2012. And, her case details were taken.

Her appetite was average. She was fond of sour and spicy food. She did not like sweets much. Her thirst and bowel habits were normal. Perspiration was more on her palms and soles. She was more tolerant to the warm weather. Her sleep was sound.

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Ms. S.O was working in a private firm. She was a calm and easy-going person. She would like to be in company. She was very attached to her family. She would express and share her feelings only with her closed ones. She was sensitive, and she would get hurt easily. She was anxious about her work. She always wanted to be perfect in her work. She would like to complete her work in time, otherwise she would get irritable.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah, and constitutional medicine along with research-based homeopathic medicines  were prescribed to her. She was advised to get her thyroid levels checked. 

She submitted her feedback on 25th February 2012. Her hair fall was as it is. She had developed one more small bald spot on her scalp. Her thyroid reports were normal. She was worried about the increase in the condition. It was explained to her that homeopathic medicines take time to control the disease activity. Her feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

On 26th April 2012, she reported 20%-30% improvement in her condition. Her hair fall had reduced by 20%-30%. She was losing around 150 hair strands per day. There was a slight increase in her one large patch. At the same time, hair regrowth was also observed on her other patches. 

On 25th June 2012, she reported further improvement. Her hair fall had reduced to 120-140 hair strands per day. There were no new bald spots. Hair regrowth was observed on all the spots.

On 7th August 2012, there was almost 50%-60% improvement in her condition. All her bald spots had reduced in size. 

By 5th October 2012, there was 95% improvement in her relief from alopecia areata. Significant hair regrowth was observed. All her patches were almost completely healed. Her hair fall was reduced to around 100 hair strands per day. She was very happy and satisfied with the treatment. She is still continuing the treatment to control the further hair fall.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating alopecia areata successfully and safely without any side-effects.

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