Alopecia Areata and Male Patter Baldness (MPB) are completely different.

Alopecia Areata is curable, MPB is not!

Alopecia Areata could affect children, females and males

Early treatment with homeopathy is always better

Alopecia could affect scalp, face (beard), eyebrows, any hairy part of skin, eye-lashes, arm-pits or pubic region

More severe it is, more parts get affected

Recurrent Alopecia Areata Is Well-Controlled With Homeopathy At Life Force

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19-years-old young boy, Mr. S.S.M. (PIN 16425) visited Life Force on 8th July 2011 for the treatment of Alopecia Areata.

He was suffering from alopecia areata since two years. He presented with nine bald spots on the scalp. He had two large spots at the back of scalp, two large spots on right side of scalp above ears, three moderate spots on the top portion, and two moderate spots on left side of scalp. He also had hair loss from the mustache and beard area. He had a scanty hair growth all over body. His eyebrows were also affected in the past. He had used mintop topical application for 1 year and had also taken steroidal injections on the scalp before 4 months. He was not benefited from the conventional treatment. He was not taking any medications since the past 4 months. He searched about homeopathic treatment for alopecia areata on the internet, and so he started his treatment under Dr. Shah.

He was a lean boy, studying in the second year of college. He was studying commerce as an external student and was also pursuing a course in graphic designing. He was very average in studies, and he did not have much focus on studies. His father was a businessman, and his mother was a homemaker.

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He was a vegetarian by diet. He liked spicy food and sweets. He chewed tobacco and consumed alcohol occasionally. He would have profuse generalized perspiration. He did not have any particular preference to the hot or cold climate. His bowels were regular. His sleep was sound.

On the mental sphere, he seemed quite expressive, affectionate, irritable, and frustrated. He had problems with his father since the past 5-6 years. His father was very aggressive and strict. His father wanted him to take interest in business, while he wanted to have fun and enjoy with his friends. He felt that his age was to enjoy and not to work. He was stressed due these issues. He loved listening to music, which relieved him from stress.

His father was suffering from diabetes mellitus and male pattern baldness. His mother was suffering from underactive thyroid.

His photos were taken and his case was studied by Dr. Shah in detail. Dr. Shah prescribed him research-based molecules for alopecia areata.

When he visited us for the first follow-up on 5th September 2011, he reported 10%-15% improvement in his condition. There were no new patches and no spread. His spots on back of the scalp and top region and left side of the scalp were considerably better. His hair loss on the mustache and beard area was reducing. His patches on the right side of scalp region were as it is. He was prescribed with same medicines for the next 2 months.

On 11th June 2012, his mother reported to the Life Force a significant improvement in his alopecia areata after taking the medicines for 4 months. She reported that he had a good hair regrowth on alopecia spots, and so he stopped taking the medicines. She also mentioned that her son was under a psychiatric treatment. Based on her feedback, medicines were given for one month.

He then visited Life Force after 2 long years on 5th July 2014. He reported that his alopecia spots were 80% improved after taking the homeopathic medicines from Life Force. He was happy with the hair growth and had discontinued the treatment. He had now joined his father's business. He mentioned that, since April 2013, he again started developing bald patches. He said that he had taken some allopathic medicines a year ago, after which the patches developed. There were around 10-12 moderate patches on his scalp. He was using homemade Ayurvedic oil since 6 months, which had helped in regrowth of hair, but that did not prevent the development of new spots. His photos were taken and he was advised to get his thyroid profile checked. His case was reviewed in detail by Dr. Shah. His treatment was restarted and medicines were prescribed.


Homeopathic medicines have power to not only cure the existing alopecia areata spots but also help preventing future relapses. Homeopathic treatment gives long-lasting to permanent results in many cases. The treatment should be continued for a longer period in such chronic cases, in order to achieve excellent and permanent results.

- Written by Dr. K.M, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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