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A 4-Year-Old Child Find 90% Relief In Steroid Suppressed Eczema In Just 4 Months Of Homeopathic Treatment At Life Force

A 4-year-old child, Mast. M. (PIN: 42183) came with his parents to Life Force Homeopathy for the treatment of Eczema, which was steroid suppressed.  He had itching, dry rough skin, hyperpigmentation, & redness over his face, neck, underarms, & legs. The lesions were very small initially, but the anxious parents went for quick relief with steroidal applications for a month continuously, thereby resulting in the flare in the disease & spread to the different areas on the body. The child’s parents got a lot worried & came to Life Force for opinion & further treatment. Based on their narration, this was a case of suppression of the Eczema with steroids leading to the spread. His mother was a patient of Psoriasis, so a genetic link was present in the patient’s case.

Further details of the case for the prescription are as follows.

The patient was a vegetarian and had eggs occasionally. He had an average appetite. Unlike other children, he liked only rice & lentils. He did not have an aversion to any taste or food substances. His thirst was average for the age, 2-3 glasses of water a day. He had profuse generalized perspiration, and he was intolerant to the summers & hot temperatures. He had constipation occasionally. He had no urinary troubles. His height & weight were average as per the age. He was delivered by a cesarean section with a birth weight of 2.7kgs. His milestones were normal & the immunization was done as per the schedule. He was breastfed for one year. He had disturbed sleep, &, sometimes, he used to walk in sleep.

He was a very happy child with good relations with both the parents & relatives.

He was a very mild, gentle, & shy child. He was emotional and reserved. The child had limited friends, and he mostly preferred to be alone. He did not mix with new people easily. The child had the fear of darkness, and liked studying, writing, and drawing.

The case was studied thoroughly, and Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD, prescribed his research-based homeopathic medicines for six weeks to the patient. The patient was suggested not to abruptly stop the steroids as it could cause a further increase in the complaints due to the steroid-withdrawal effect. We suggested tapering off the steroids during our treatment depending on the stability achieved.

The parents of the patient were worried about using the steroids & still were in doubt whether to continue with the steroids or stop it. So, 2 weeks later, the mother of the patient gave us a call and informed that she had stopped the steroids abruptly & now the child had a superadded infection leading to boils over the eczema patches, and it had to be controlled with acute conventional medicines & the steroidal creams were continued till homeopathic medicines got hold over the condition.

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At the first follow-up, the mother of the patient informed that the child’s eczema had been stable now. The superadded infection also had subsided, & the steroidal creams were used but less frequently. So, another prescription was made for 6 weeks for the child.

At the second follow-up, the child’s relief in eczema had further improved by 50%. The itching, redness, and pigmentation all were stable now, & steroidal creams were further tapered off.  Again, a 6-week prescription was made for the child.

Within 4 months of the Homeopathic treatment at Life Force, the child had obtained more than 90% relief in Eczema & the steroidal creams too were not used.

The patient’s parents are happy with the results so far & want their child to get rid of the disease condition completely. Hence, they are continuing with the treatment & are hopeful that this will lead to a complete recovery of their child.


This case is a very good example proving that Homeopathy is not slow-acting, it can treat the diseases in a short span to given the condition of chronicity & duration. This was a suddenly developed & aggravated case of Eczema due to steroidal use, and, even the mother of the patient was suffering from Psoriasis, which proved to be the genetic link in this case. Life Force Homeopathy, under the guidance and direction of Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD, managed to relieve the child of his eczema successfully.

  • Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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