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Research based medicines for Eczema

Important note:
Every case calls for a detailed study of the patient individually. There are no disease-specific medicines in homeopathy. The exact treatment is determined only on "in-depth" evaluation of the individual case. The medicines described below are commonly indicated in Eczema, only for the purpose of information. The readers are advised not to indulge in any kind of self-medication.

It is one of the splendid acts of homeopathy that substances labeled as inert can also be used efficiently to treat a large variety of disorders. Silicea is the example of one such substance, which is chemically inert in its natural form, but after undergoing the process of potentization it gets transformed into a wonderful, deep acting remedy. Silicea is in a true sense called as polychrest remedy as it has a broad spectrum of action, useful for a wide range of disease processes. In fact, this remedy has helped.

Homoeopaths world over to treat so-called surgical conditions gently without requiring a knife. Silicea positively influences bones and joints, mucous membranes, skin, cellular tissue, nerves, glands, lungs, digestive system, etc. Silicea is one of the frequently used medicines for complaints of eczema, styes, chalazion, vitiligo, lichen planus, herpes, urticaria, asthmatic bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, trigeminal neuralgia, complaints of nails, tonsillitis, etc. Patients requiring silica usually have a tendency to easy suppuration of skin injuries. Silicea positively influences nutrition as well and hence its one of the prominent remedies used for rickets in children.

This is a wonderful deep acting remedy prepared from the seeds of a plant commonly known as Stavesacre. It has a profound action on all the systems of the body and predominantly affects the nervous system, genito-urinary system, and skin. The marked affection of the mind is also seen.

Staphysagria, which has a broad spectrum of action, is useful for a wide range of disease processes. There are hundreds of indications of this medicine enlisted in our Materia Medica. Here follow the indications in brief: Staphysagria positively influences the brain, mind, stomach and bowels, lungs, skin, genito-urinary system, bones and joints, teeth etc. It is one of the most frequently used medicines for recurrent styes and chalazion, lichen planus, vitiligo, eczema, urticaria, herpes, warts, hair loss, tonsillitis, trigeminal neuralgia, etc. It is an effective medicine for toothache, prostate gland complaints, etc.

In general a good remedy for nervous affections and for the ill effects of anger insults injury, and for highly sensitive states. 

Graphites is a wonderful deep acting constitutional remedy prepared from black lead (mineral carbon). It's truly a good example of one of the splendid acts of homeopathy that an inert substance like this can be transformed into a remedy having such a wide sphere of action.

Graphites positively influence the skin, nutrition, circulation, gastrointestinal organs, reproductive system, glandular tissues, mind, etc.

Its one of the commonly indicated remedies for eczema, callosities, fissures, ulcerations, dyspepsia, chronic constipation, obesity, menstrual complaints, etc.

Graphites is a great remedy for menopausal complaints and it's frequently indicated for various symptoms that develop during the menopausal period. A few of its common skin indications are:
Moist eruptions cracked skin that bleeds easily, crusting of eruptions, eczema in folds of skin and on the palms. Oozing of a sticky discharge from the eruptions is a characteristic feature of this drug.

This drug is prepared from crude rock oil. After potentization, this is transformed into a remedy that is used for the treatment of a number of conditions. Petroleum positively influences the skin, mucous membranes, general nutrition, female reproductive system, and the gastrointestinal system. It's frequently used in the treatment of eczema, gastritis, traveling sickness, menstrual complaints, etc. Its commonly indicated for eczema where the skin becomes dry, rough, thickened and cracked. There is intense itching and the complaints are mostly worse in winter.

Lycopodium is one of the wonderful remedies in Homoeopathy and it is prepared from the club moss (fungus). After undergoing the process of potentization the hidden curative powers of this fungus are brought to the surface and it is transformed into a deep acting homeopathic remedy.

Lycopodium is one of the commonly prescribed remedies for complaints of the gastrointestinal organs, reproductive organs, urinary complaints, skin, and respiratory disorders. Its frequently prescribed for chronic eczemas where the skin becomes excessively dry and raw from itching. Thick and indurated skin due to eczema. Offensive secretions, fissured eruptions, and violent itching are a few of its common indications. The complaints are worse from the warmth and better by cold applications.

Kali sulphuricum:
This is a remedy prepared from Potassium sulphate. After undergoing the process of potentization, the wonderful curative powers of this salt are brought forth. This is a very good remedy for skin complaints and it is one of the commonly used remedies for psoriasis, eczema, nettle-rash, seborrhoea, ringworm etc. Kali sulph has an affinity for epidermis and epithelial tissues with catarrhal inflammation characterized by yellow, slimy discharges. There is abundant desquamation of the affected part. Patient has papular eruptions with intense itching. It is a very good drug for ringworm of scalp or beard with abundant scaling. The skin is very dry in general and with the tendency of the eruptions to ooze thin yellowish discharge.

This is a drug that is prepared from the bark of the roots and stem of the plant commonly known as Mezereon or Spurge Olive. It is a very good remedy for skin and scalp affections in general. It's one of the frequently prescribed remedies for Psoriasis and also for eczema. 

A few of its common indications are listed below:

*The head is covered with a thick, leather-like crust, under which thick and white pus collects here and there, and the hair is glued together. 
*The scabs on the head look chalky and extend to the eyebrow and to the nape of the neck.
*The hair is very much inclined to bristle.
*The hair is painful to touch, as if sore. 
*Violent biting on the head, as from lice, only transiently relieved by scratching, and always recurring in another place; in the evening.

Few of its symptoms of skin affection are as follows:

*Roughness of the skin, with desquamation here and there. 
*The epidermis peels off. Desquamation of the skin of the whole body.
*Thick leathery crusts, under which pus collects. 
*Intolerable itching worse from warmth, changes place on scratching, followed by coldness. 
*Intolerable itching; worse by a warm bath. 
*Itching changes place on scratching; coldness after itching.
*Eruptions: ooze, acrid, gluey moisture; form thick crusts, with pus beneath; or chalky white.

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