Treatment Options for Eczema

Let's talk about Atopic Dermatitis in babies, children or eczema in adults. It is all one and the same, nothing but external symptoms of internal immunological war. Millions of immune cells are reacting to internal or external antigens or allergens, leading to the inflamed and itchy skin.

The pharmaceutical world is selling a large range of immunosuppressive lotions or creams, largely containing cortisone in some form or the other. Every skin specialist (dermatologist) knows that after initial relief in itching and inflammation on using such a lotion, the disease invariably comes back with more vengeance. Most experienced doctors (younger doctors might not have appreciated it) also know that as you keep using cortisone on the skin, the disease becomes ‘more and more resistant’; then, not responding to milder medicines. Eventually, such a therapy leads to more obstinate eczema or Atopic dermatitis.

The approach to the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis (or eczema) needs a paradigm transformation at the root level. Such a disease must be treated from within, by correcting the internal immunological war or conflict. It cannot be treated by ‘suppression’ of the disease.

Homeopathy is the best option to treat this disease, as it is capable of addressing the internal, immunological factors, which initiate the disease.

Non-steroidal anti-itching medicines may be used during the course of homeopathic treatment for this disease for symptomatic relief; while treating the disease at deeper level by internal, deep-acting homeopathic medicines.

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