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S. K., India.

I, S. K. Pin number: 15582, Lichen Planus, from India. Since last 10 years I started with severe itching and hyperpigmented elevated eruptions on my hands, feet, wrist, soles and knuckles. These eruptions were violet in colour and were gradually becoming blackish in colour. For last 10 years I have been treated by a Dermatologist on steroidal medications with no relief as I was diagnosed as being a case of extensive Lichen Planus. Being fed up of the complaints and having it from last so many years I had given up all hopes but started with Homeopathy from Dr Shah’s clinic on my parent’s insistence. I am pleasantly surprised to report that with in 4 months of starting the treatment, there is 60 % improvement in my conditions. The Lichen Planus eruptions are flattening and are fading away. There is no further spread. This is the first time in last 10 years that I have been able to experience this kind of quick and positive response. I am very happy regaining my normal skin and very thankful To Dr Shah’s team for all the efforts and good response.

V. Raval, Mumbai, India

I was very much frustrated due to my complaint of sleeplessness since last 4 years and nothing seemed to help much. Finally I resorted to Homeopathy and to my pleasant surprise, my sleeplessness was much much better within just 2 months of treatment. I am very thankful to Dr Shah for helping me out of this trouble.

M. A., Malaysia

I have excellent response. The psoriasis has shown 70% improvement. The disease stopped spreading. My elbows are clean, there are no more patches. My legs still have few patches but it also disappering. My forehead and scalp are responding slowly.


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