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Case-4: I can type without any discomfort now

Mutiple warts on finger and finger tips before after photo

32 year old lady, Mrs. S. S. (Patient reference number L8308) reported to the clinic for complaints of multiple viral warts since 2 years. She had numerous small, fleshy, skin-coloured growths on the finger tips of both her palms. They had become tender since a few weeks. The warts had been gradually increasing in size and number. She had been using some ointments prescribed by her Dermatologist but these had not helped her much. She was a typist and typing for a long time increased her complaints.

She had an average built with a normal appetite and thirst. She was fond of sweets, fruits and ice creams. She had no complaints pertaining to her bowels, urination and menses. Her sleep was good and refreshing.

She stayed with her husband and 6 year old son. She said that she was going through a lot of work related stress. She was into a job of medical transcription and would work from her home. The workload, deadlines for work, pressure, etc would be quite stressful for her. Previously she would have lot of anxiety about how she would manage her work. Occasionally she would feel like quitting her job due to the stress involved in her work. She would not like to remain idle. She had a happy and cheerful nature in general. She said that she would not usually get angry except when her son would not listen to her. At such times she would occasionally beat him up when very angry. She was very much afraid of cockroaches. She would tend to weep very easily and had aversion to being consoled when weeping. She had a strange fear that her skin complaints might be cancerous and that she would die of cancer.

She did not have history of any major health complaints in the past except typhoid at the age of 18 years. She had undergone Cholecystectomy about 2 years ago for complaints of gall bladder calculi.

Based on the above complaints, she was prescribed Causticum 200 along with another remedy that has been prepared at Life force for the treatment of warts. About 6 weeks after starting medication, she reported that the warts on her left hand had completely disappeared but the warts on her right hand were the same as before. She had also developed 3 tiny new warts since the last few days. After another 8 weeks of medication, she reported to us with complete recovery of the warts. All the warts on both her hands had completely disappeared and she could now work (type) without any discomfort. Her treatment was thereafter concluded and she was asked to report to us in case she developed any complaints anytime in future.


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