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"Extremely pleased to the office and Life Force. Nice staff, pleasant atmosphere and of course Dr. Shah is very efficient and pleasant person. Thanks and wish you all a Very Happy New year 2015."

"Dr. Sumeet was extremely helpful and during the feedback he helped me bring up such patients which I would have not mentioned otherwise and also which were important for the decision about the course of medicine. Extremely thankful to Dr. Shah and his team for making our lives better, healthier and free of allopathic medicines."

"I have been shown a light of hope by Dr. Anand today. Thank you so much. Dr. Shah and Dr. Sumeet have been very helpful. "

"Had great experience here. Everyone was helpful. Came all the way from Canada to see Dr. Shah. "

"It's very nice to visit Dr. Shah especially. Dr. Anand was very good. I came last around 3 years ago. I am satisfied with the treatment of my child."

"Dr. Shah and his team will go down in the annals of the history of homeopathy as legends. My husband took treatment for Psoriasis some 6 months back and is completely cured with no trace of the disease. I thank the doctor and his team for the invaluable service and dedication to the field of homoeopathy. His team too has done yeoman service in attending to patients and their service can be counted upon all times."

"Oops! Back again to Dr. Shah... discontinued medicines for 2 months and went to some other doctor... just to realize I was in the best hands of Dr. Shah earlier..... Thank God he gave me the right direction once again. This time my mom too flew from Delhi just to meet Dr. Shah. We were give ample opportunity to explain our problem and share our thoughts and as usual Dr. Shah was convincing and honest with his views. I honestly saw good results with him for the chronic problem I have. So I am back"

"Found about Life Force homeopathy from the internet. I was most impressed by the website and after reading through the testimonial of about 20 patients with the complaint Lichen Planus, I decided to actually come and see Dr. Shah personally from London, England. Most impressed with the layout of the clinic and the kind staff. Most helpful and kind was Dr. Shah's consultancy. "
--Fawzia Butt, wife of Ifetkhar Butt, U K, London

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Mrs. R.H.K (PIN 13721) was suffering from Asthma for the last 1 year. Her complaint was a persistent cough with white, thick expectoration. She would experience suffocation and a mild difficulty in breathing. She was suffering from the complaints almost every alternate day. Her complaints would g.....Read more

33 years old Mrs. M.G., availed our online treatment from Canada on 25th March 2010. Her Patient Identification Number is 17508. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in late February 2010. She had been experiencing the symptoms since January. She started having numbness in the face followed .....Read more

A 40 year old Scientist working in BARC Mr. K. D. (Patient identification number- 9093) visited our clinic on 18th November 2006. He was suffering from Vitiligo which was bilateral symmetrical in pattern on elbow, knees, finger tips and lower lips. There was increase in spots since past 1 year. H.....Read more

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