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"I am Disha Shah (L-12529). I am taking medicines from Dr. Shah since last 3.5 years. I have been suffering from Urticaria, Psoriasis, Eczema and Vitiligo. Dr. Shah has helped me treating my skin diseases. I thank God and Dr. Shah for helping me with my skin problem. May God bless Dr. Rajesh Shah!"

"I have been blessed I found Life force location after many years I search I feel so proud and privileged to talk with people about the treatment and cure I received from Life force. I will continue spreading the word around come I am very fortunate to be healed and cured of my disease. Thank to staff for being co-operative and assisting me for the short stay. Dr. Shah has cured me of my previous disease he has hands of miracle. God Bless life force."

"We have been very happy by the treatment for vitiligo that our daughter has received from Dr. Shah. Our daughter started to develop vitiligo spots about two years ago and we were very concerned. However since we started the treatment with Dr. Shah about eighteen months ago she has shown steady progress. Many of her spots have completely vanished and some of the bigger white spots have become a lot smaller. We are very thankful to Dr. Shah and his team for helping our daughter beat vitiligo."

"The experience at life force was truly a fulfilling one. My worst nightmare was to have hair fall at such an early stage of life. But the medicines which were given to me have passed all the tests. My hair fall had reduced at very neg liable level. the only thing one needs is patience & trust, which I had in Homeopathy. Thanks for all your good work. "

"We found very excellent experience & a lot of improvement in our son. We are satisfy with your treatment & service."

"My daughter had frequent cough & cold with attacks of breathlessness when she was 1.6 years old. We had to give inhalers every 1 to 1 and half months along with allopathic medicines. I was very worried. Then a friend recommended life force medicines from 2 yrs of age. The frequency of attacks gradually decreased. Now she is 5yrs old & completly healthy. Her overall immunity has also increased now she does not catch a cold often & has no breathlessness. I am very grateful to Dr. Shah & the entire team of Life force for this"

"I really feel that treatment in life force is very effective. When I started my treatment in Life force my viral load was approx 34 lakhs unit and after a treatment of 4 months viral load has reduced approx 1.5 lakh unit. Thanks to Dr. Shah and team."

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Results may vary from person to person

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