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"Oops! Back again to Dr. Shah... discontinued medicines for 2 months and went to some other doctor... just to realize I was in the best hands of Dr. Shah earlier..... Thank God he gave me the right direction once again. This time my mom too flew from Delhi just to meet Dr. Shah. We were give ample opportunity to explain our problem and share our thoughts and as usual Dr. Shah was convincing and honest with his views. I honestly saw good results with him for the chronic problem I have. So I am back"

"Found about Life Force homeopathy from the internet. I was most impressed by the website and after reading through the testimonial of about 20 patients with the complaint Lichen Planus, I decided to actually come and see Dr. Shah personally from London, England. Most impressed with the layout of the clinic and the kind staff. Most helpful and kind was Dr. Shah's consultancy. "
--Fawzia Butt, wife of Ifetkhar Butt, U K, London

"From the day, I started treatment for Psoriasis from Life Force Homeopathy in 2012, I always wondered and appreciated the system, organisation and its people. Firstly, Dr. Shah for his vision, efforts, dedication, innovation and perfection. He works like a magnet to attract people who work for his vision. Secondly the entire team, I just love the way they deal with people (patients) in each case. Lot of appreciation for everybody here, lots of love, lots of good wishes. And lastly thankful for this facility and service. "

"My mother (22339) is already being treated by Dr. Shah for Ulcerative Colitis. She is very happy and feeling much better. Today I have started treatment for my sister (Dr. Anita) for Psoriasis and my sister in law for joint pains. I am hopeful that Dr. Shah's treatment will work well for them too."

"I am Shreya Vyas. I have been taking these medicines from past 5 years. There is a vast difference and improvement. My Vitiligo is almost cured. I thank God for giving me such a doctor. I sincerely appreciate the vision of Dr. Shah in proving that homoeopathic medicine work out most efficiently. May God Bless Dr. Rajesh Shah!"

"Till today, Dr. Rajesh Shah and his associate doctors are the nicest, co-operative and accommodative doctors that I have met. It has been a great experience to come and have met Dr. Rajesh Shah. I am sure that Dr. Shah and his team can do the best to take homeopathy treatment to a big movement and make people believe in the same. Thank you."

"I am Disha Shah (L-12529). I am taking medicines from Dr. Shah since last 3.5 years. I have been suffering from Urticaria, Psoriasis, Eczema and Vitiligo. Dr. Shah has helped me treating my skin diseases. I thank God and Dr. Shah for helping me with my skin problem. May God bless Dr. Rajesh Shah!"

"I have been blessed I found Life force location after many years I search I feel so proud and privileged to talk with people about the treatment and cure I received from Life force. I will continue spreading the word around come I am very fortunate to be healed and cured of my disease. Thank to staff for being co-operative and assisting me for the short stay. Dr. Shah has cured me of my previous disease he has hands of miracle. God Bless life force."

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A 28-years-old software engineer, Mr. S. R. (PIN 11923) came to Life Force to consult Dr. Rajesh Shah on 20th March 2009 with the complaint of pain in both the hip joints. He was suffering from this complaint since more than one year. He was asked to undergo blood investigations and X-ray. H.....Read more

A 61-year-old man, Mr. J.V.R. (PIN: 21036) started treatment with Life Force Homeopathy from 1st May 2013 for his complaint of eczema, which he was suffering from the last 7 years and which was spreading since the past 6 months.

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