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"I had an attack of frozen shoulders (right) last year december 2007 I tried so many allopathy treatments, physiotherapy, shoulder patches etc. but no success. Some how by browsing on search engine my husband came to know about Dr Shah's treatment. Having tried other medicines without success, we thought of tying Dr Shah's treatment as well just for a change. Thank God it has worked very well my pain subsided & frozen shoulders problems improved 60% to 70% in a year."

"Lichen Planus attacked my entire body in November/December 2007.Dr in the USA did many tests including skin cancer diagnosed .Fortunately I founded Dr Shah site while researching on my Lichen Planus. I contacted the Life Force team online consulted with them shared my Lichen Planus photos with them also send my Question online I received medicines with in 15 days. USA doctors prescribed very heavy dose of prednisone 60mg (Steroids) caused many side effected like body swelling, weight gain, blurred vision increased levels of cholesterol. As per Dr Shah suggestions I stopped steroids now after long year of Dr Shah medicines my Lichen Planus is 99% gone only hyperpigmentations is there. Dr Shah came in my Life like Dhanwantari(God Of Medicines) & helped me & my family came out of worst times & my life Thank you Life Force."

"My experience with Life force is very good. I am suffering from dry eczema last 15 years on my legs. I have taken lots of medicines given by skin specialist, but it is temporary relax after. Some time again growth my eczema , then we found some homoeopathic and ayurvedic doctors in the wensite. We identified Dr. Rajesh Shah name for homoeopathic and I started my treatment since last 6 months and now I am 85% recovered with the eczema."

"Our experience is very positive about the treatment. The symptoms started diminishing with the period if 2/3 months after the treatment started. The facility of getting medicines delivered by courier has been of great help to us, we being living in Pune. Now the symptoms to be seemed well under control. We hope treat the color patches would also go away after few more months of treatment. Thank you Dr. Shah!"

"The medications is excellent. The Doctors are good. The medicines seems to take a long time to work but it does work. I am very satisfied with the facilities provided by the doctors and the medications.I had lichen planus and it was spreaded all over my body. I had lots of small patches on my leg and stomach. The lichen planus I had was growing by time until I took Medications. "

"My name is Monalisa Sharma and I have been suffering with Lichen Planus. I visited many skin specialists but my disease only increased and then through net I found Life Force Centre. When I came for the 1st visit my disease was so severe that I was difficult to wear clothes. Its been 2 years that I have been taking medicines at Life Force and have got Fantastic results up to 75%."

"Life force-The name itself explains a lot about positive energy for life.In my case, Life force has been to me exactly how I expected it to be. The symptomsof anxiety disorder and depression has affected my well being and thought process wjich made me to lose hope completely. I strongly feel homoeopathy is a practical medium to permanent cure and Dr. Shah has stood my it sincerely through research and experience. I feel blessed! "

"When I came to Life Force center first time really had a bad skin with lot of black sears and wrinkles. After a couple of months treatment, I could notice the changes on my body. After 4 months treatment almost 75% sears are cured. Also I find that my skin has become more smooth and supple than before. I was stressed and worried so much. Now I feel very fresh and relief from my stress. Its a wonderful experience"

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A 27-year-old female patient (PIN: 37254) visited Life Force clinic in Chembur on 28th June 2018 along with her parents.

She was suffering from Psoriasis for around 1.5 years. She had typical erythrodermic maculopapular eruptions, particularly on her face, scalp, and abdomen......Read more

A 48-year-old male from West Bengal, Mr. M. M. (PIN: 41712) contacted online and started treatment from Life Force Homeopathy for his complaint of Piles on 8th November 2019. 

The patient was suffering from stage 3 piles for 1 year. He was experiencing itching aro.....Read more

The parents of a 2-years-old child (PIN: 16446) visited Life Force on 13th July 2011 for the treatment of chronic Constipation, which he had developed after the treatment of dentitional diarrhea by antibiotics. His parents were giving him Cremaffin, a stool softener as a laxative. The child was s.....Read more

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