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  • /homeopathic medicines case photos/

    Research for revolution in the treatment of chronic diseases

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    Meet the doctor who has treated patients from
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    Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, has treated patients from 180+ countries. 
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  • /homeopathic medicines case photos/

    “I have a rare privilege of treating all kinds of Americans from every corner of the US, including the past President’s family, Hollywood stars, scientists, university professors, and the like.”

    - Dr Rajesh Shah

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    Dr Shah’s research based molecules have US, Europe, Australia, Asia patents

    Research for revolution in the treatment of chronic diseases



J.J.B, Mexico

I (Patient Identification Number:19860) have been suffering from Urticaria since last few months and I went to see three different doctors, an allergist, immunologist and a dermatologist, all three of them agree on the diagnosis as chronic idiopathic urticaria however to my disappointment none of them could help me in giving any relief. I was put on Antihistamines and Anti allergic medications but still developed rashes all over the body. While doing an online research on Urticaria I came across Dr Shah’s website on Urticaria and I was impressed with the detailed information about the condition and its Homeopathic treatment. With full faith I started with Dr Shah’s treatment and within 8 months I have responded very well to the treatment, the frequency of the Urticaria attacks have diminished. There have been some periods with no urticaria at all but when it comes back it lasts only for 3 or 4 days appearing and disappearing and then, tends to disappear on its own, it has also reduced in intensity. I am very happy to see the progress and also I have experienced a very good state of well being state with the treatment.

D. K., son of K. D., India

There has been good improvement in the Diabetes and hypertension. The blood sugar has reduced considerably and the blood pressure is well controlled. 

Thank you Dr Shah. 

Miyako Furuta, Tokyo, Japan

My country does not have homeopathy. I got so much better with your Online treatment for Anxiety Neurosis, I was wondering how else could I have received homeopathy if there was no Internet?


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