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Jeremiah Odhiambo Owiti, Kenya

I have progressed so well since i started taking the medicines. My hitherto inflammed feet became normal after about 7 to 10 days of taking medicines. The pain disappeared and I have never experienced any gout attack since then. My gout has reduced a lot but I have never taken alcohol, soda, canned juices, red meat or any acidic fruits. I want to thank you most sincerely for the opportunity you have accorded me to have my picture and success story used as a tool to give better health to many more people. Thanking you so much for making me a part of this very good humane mission.

S. T. T., India

My son Mst S.T.T, 4.2 years old (Patient Identification Number: 15444) started developing Vitiligo since last 6 months. The Vitiligo mainly involved the finger tips, the toes and the anal region. He was put on steroids creams for the same but despite the medications there was no control over the spots and there was spread of the Vitiligo. We started with the online treatment with Dr Shah's Life Force Homeopathy. Within 10 months of treatment there is 80 % improvement in his Vitiligo spots, the spread of the spots has stopped. We have been able to taper off and gradually stop the steroid creams. There is repigmentation around the borders. The Vitiligo spots are appearing smaller. We are satisfied with the treatment and are continuing with it as we are very hopeful that with Dr Shah's medicines the Vitiligo spots will further reduce.

V. D., CO, USA

The plaques improved about 20% the first two weeks of treatment. The plaques remained at that level for 3 months. The plaques then improved another 40% the last three weeks. My psoriasis is about 1/3 as severe as it was


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