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Oral Lichen Planus Treated Wonderfully With Homeopathic Medicines At Life Force

A 47-year-old male from Uttarakhand, Mr. R.S. (PIN:30004) started online treatment from Life Force on 11th October 2016 for his complaint of oral lichen planus.

The detailed history was given by the patient online. He was diagnosed with lichen planus 6 months back. He had a complaint about the burning sensation in his mouth. White spots appeared on his right cheek. He had taken homeopathic medicines during childhood, so he had a strong faith in homeopathy. He took allopathic medicines for oral lichen planus but did not find significant results. So, he finally decided to switch to homeopathic treatment as it is safer and more effective. There were no other complaints present with him, except this, and the patient was very stressed because of this disease i.e. lichen planus.

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He had an average appetite. He used to avoid spicy and non-veg food in his diet, as he felt that it was aggravating his health issue. His thirst for water was intense. There were no issues with regards to his urine and stool. He had disturbed sleep due to stress in the workplace. 

He was working for a multinational company. On inquiring his detailed case history, the patient mentioned that he was not very satisfied with his job. He was experiencing stress with regards to his job always. Since the past few months, his stress levels had increased. He was staying with his parents, wife, and children. The atmosphere at home was very calm and supportive as described by the patient. He was more prone to get depressed easily. He was not happy with his life due to his job. 

There was no major illness present in his past, except that he had dental surgery for his tooth a few years back. His physician told that, because of his artificial tooth continuous friction, he might have developed white lesions on his cheek which ultimately lead to oral lichen planus. There were no other major illnesses present in his family. 

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him some research-based homeopathic medicines along with the dietary advice. 

After 6 months of the treatment on 13th April 2017, the patient reported that he was doing well. There was an overall improvement in his condition. He had stopped using allopathic ointments. The burning sensation was still affecting him but its intensity had reduced a lot. The white spots on his cheeks had also reduced. No new lesions or spread of the disease had occurred. He was almost 30% to 40% better than earlier with the treatment. 

After 1 year of the treatment on 20th November 2017, the patient informed that he was further improving with the medicines. He was experiencing the sensitivity to spicy and hot food but its intensity had reduced. White spots on his skin were reducing gradually now. The patient was almost 50% better with the medicines. He was very happy with the treatment.

On 22nd April 2018, the patient reported being stable. His complaints were as it is. He was not observing further changes with the medicines. The burning sensation was still present. There was no spread of the disease but, at the same time, his recovery was not improving further. On the basis of this feedback, Dr. Shah made some revision in his medicines and prescribed them to the patient.

After 2 years of the treatment on 21st October 2018, the patient reported being almost 60% to 70% better than earlier. His burning was quite negligible now. He was able to eat properly. The white patches on his cheek were almost 70% better in terms of recovery. There were no new lesions observed after starting with the homeopathic treatment. The patient was overall quite better with the treatment.

He was very thankful to Dr. Shah and the whole Life Force team for treating him relieving him of this painful disease incredibly.

This case highlights that homeopathy is quite effective in treating oral lichen planus incredibly and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Kainaz, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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