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    Lichen Planus can affect skin, mouth, genitals, nails and scalp.

    The duration of treatment may depend on the extent of the disease. Lichen Planus only on the skin is easier to treat than one on skin + mouth + genitals.

Diagnosis of Lichen Planus

lichen planus diagnosis Lichen Planus can be diagnosed clinically by experienced eyes. Lesions on the skin have a typical look as described elsewhere on these pages, and their location such as legs, back, mouth, scalp, genitals, nails, or elsewhere (more or less in this order) is important for diagnosis. The typical skin lesions of Lichen Planus are grayish, slivery, pinkish eruptions about 1mm to 4 mm in size; oval or round or irregular in shape, scaly and itchy in nature.

Sometimes the Lichen Planus eruptions, especially in early stages, may resemble some other diseases like atopic dermatitispsoriasiscandidiasis (in the mouth), leukoplakia (mouth), aphthous ulcers (mouth).

In case of doubt, or to confirm the diagnosis, a biopsy would help. A biopsy is more often indicated in cases of oral and scalp Lichen Planus. Also, Lichen Planus of nails alone could resemble psoriatic nails or fungus infection on nails. Clinically trained eyes can differentiate in most cases.

Lichen Planus on the scalp may show some scarring by the time patient approaches for treatment. At times, you need to do a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of scalp Lichen Planus. There may be associated patches of hair loss called alopecia areata.


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Skin, Mouth, Nails, Scalp, Genitals:

Lichen Planus largely affects the skin. It may also affect the mouth (oral Lichen Planus), the scalp, nails, or the genitals. It could of more of the said body parts. It is not a rule that every patient with Lichen Planus will have all the said areas affected. In males, it could affect the glans of the penis and in females the vulva or vagina. It can be said that more areas affected, more difficult to treat. Also, experience says that the oral or genital Lichen Planus is more difficult to treat as compared to that on the skin.


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Under the microscope: 
It is of less importance to the patients to know how Lichen Planus tissues look when seen under the microscope. Following is the microscopic (histopathological) view of it.

Lichen planus skin under microscopeAt times, one also observes the Lichen Planus eruptions appearing along the line of a scratch mark, called Koebner's phenomenon. It has an affinity for the genitals are involved. In males, the glans; while in females the vulva may be affected.

The nails, when affected, tend to become deformed. In short, Lichen Planus affecting the skin, mouth (Oral Lichen Planus) and vaginal LP are some of the most common variants. When the oral mucosa or the genitals are affected, this condition is often neglected, reported late or incorrectly diagnosed. Lichen Planus affecting the food pipe (esophagus) is not a commonly encountered condition. However, some cases have been reported at some institutes.

All variants of Lichen Planus respond very well to homeopathic treatment. It can be said with confidence that Lichen Planus is curable using homeopathy. Homeopathy offers excellent results in Lichen Planus of the skin, mouth, and genitals; in this order.

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