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The most common areas affecting Lichen Planus are skin, mouth, scalp, and nails. There are several types of Lichen Planus, which might look similar by they have varying characteristics and prognosis. Some varieties of Lichen Planus are easier treated than others. Y


Lichen Planus Hypertrophicus: It looks like a keloid or hypertrophied scar, often found on the ankles.

Lichen Planus Actinus:

Lichen Nitidus: Observed along with regular eruptions of LP, more on the light-exposed body parts.

Lichen Sclerosus et Atrophics: A rare condition affecting the vulva, male genitals. With tremendous itching, there is atrophy and scarring of the affected organ.

Lichen Planus Linearis: More closely aggregated eruptions, extending along the entire limb, seen in children.

Lichen Planus Annularis: Often affecting the genitals and scrotum.

Lichen Planus Follicularis (Lichen Planopilaris): Observed in the hair-bearing areas such as the scalp, pubic region.

Lichen Planus Atrophicus:

Bullous Lichen Planus: Bullous eruption and vesicles.

Lichen Planus Pigmentosa: As the name suggests, there is a kind of hyperpigmentation that is grayish in color. Seen more in females in western countries. (Click for more details.)

Types of Lichen Planus

Normal any part of the body may get affected. However, it has a tendency to involve the skin of the lower limbs, legs, and the mucous membrane of the mouth. The flexors of the legs, inner thighs, the front of the wrists, and skin on the lower back are affected in many cases.

It has an affinity for the genitals are involved. In males, the glans; while in females the vagina and vulva may be affected.

One of the uncommon areas of affliction with Lichen Planus is eyelids, which is reported in a case treated at Life Force:

Lichen planus on eyelids

The nails, when affected, tend to become deformed. In short, Lichen Planus affecting the skin, mouth (Oral Lichen Planus), and vaginal LP are some of the most common variants. When the oral mucosa or the genitals are affected, this condition is often neglected, reported late, or incorrectly diagnosed.

Lichen planus and psoriasis in palmsThis is a photo of a rare case, where the patient has lichen planus and psoriasis concurrently.
This 27-year-old female was suffering from lichen planus for six months. She recently developed psoriasis in her palms. This is an uncommon presentation. At Life Force, we have documented many such common and uncommon variants of Lichen Planus. 

Similarly, there may be a combination of Lichen Planus with Eczema, Urticaria, Prurigo nodularis

Essentially all chronic skin diseases are due to immunological reasons. Such immunological causes may have a genetic background making one prone to develop such diseases. 

Lichen planus pigmentosaIn this case, you will find Lichen Planus associated with and leading to vitiligo. Such a presentation is not very common. Lichen Planus and vitiligo both are autoimmune diseases. Sometimes due to chronic inflammation in Lichen Planus, one may lose pigments on the underlying layers learning to vitiligo. This type of vitiligo is difficult to treat. 





Variants or types of Lichen Planus

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A 46-year-old male patient from the USA, Dr. R. P. (PIN: 26560) observed the development of a few skin eruptions, which were itchy and spreading. He visited a skin specialist; the biopsy of the same confirmed that he had Lichen planus. The skin specialist prescribed him a topical steroid.

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A 48-year-old male patient, Mr. A.K. (PIN: 41650) visited Life Force and started homeopathic treatment for his complaint of her lichen planus in November 2019. 

He was suffering from a skin condition for 6 months. The lesions of lichen planus were present on his hands, legs, and sh.....Read more

Lichen planus (LP) is an idiopathic, cell-mediated immune disorder. It is a chronic systemic disease that commonly involves oral mucosa and skin lesions.  The clinical manifestations of LP have been described as the 6 Ps of Lichen planus, (Pruritic, purple, polygonal, planar, papules, and pl.....Read more

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