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Lichen Planus: Frequently Asked Questions

QI have been just diagnosed with Lichen Planus. What is Lichen Planus?

Lichen Planus is a chronic disorder affecting skin, mouth or genitals, inflicting estimated 1.2 % of the world population. Please click here to check detail information.

QWhy did I get it? What are the causes of Lichen Planus?

Lichen Planus can be caused by multiple factors. Basically, it is a result of some altered immune state. It may be triggered by some medicines, chemicals, or stress. Please click here to learn more.

QDoes it spread by touch? Is it contagious?

Lichen Planus is not caused by germs, bacteria, virus or fungus. So, it does not spread by touch, sharing utensils or physical contact.

QCan children have it?

Yes, children as young as three years can have Lichen Planus.

QMy child has Lichen Planus. How should I deal with the school teachers?

You may submit a certificate by your local family doctors stating the Lichen Planus is not contagious. Your child should not be discriminated on the basis of Lichen Planus. He/she can attend all school and play activities including swimming. (Chlorine in swimming pool may irritate skin, but it is not likely to increase Lichen Planus.)

QI have it on my legs? Can it spread to other parts?

Lichen Planus can occur anywhere on the skin (especially legs), scalp back, feet. It can affect nails. It can affect mouth (oral musosa) as well as genitals.

QI have it in the mouth. But, I do not have it elsewhere on my body. Is it possible?

Yes. One may get Lichen Planus on one of more parts of the body.

QMy doctor said that I have got Lichen Planus after taking some pain killers or anti-blood pressure medicines. I have changes/stopped the said medicine. But, my Lichen Planus is not gone.

Well, your Lichen Planus was triggered by some medicines. It may so happen that Lichen Planus may not go on stopping the triggering factor. You need medications.

QI have been prescribed steroid cream/ steroid tablets/ steroid mouth wash/ steroid gel for my Lichen Planus. It helps me, but the disease returns on stopping the medicine. What does it mean?

Cortisone or Steroid is only a short term solution. It does not cure Lichen Planus. Please follow this url for more details http://www.lichenplanuscure.com/nocortisone.aspx

QI was taking cortisone as prescribed by my local doctors. Now, the problem is that whenever I stop it, my Lichen Planus flares up. What is the solution?

Cortisone is the most commonly prescribed medicine for Lichen Planus but unfortunately, it is not the most curative medicine. The problem with the use of cortisone is that it gives temporary relief, as long as you use it. Another difficulty created by cortisone is that the disease comes back after stopping cortisone. Third problem is that the resurfaced disease is more difficult to handle that when it started, as it becomes resistant.

During the course of the treatment of any disease in which cortisone in any form is used, the major challenge is to handle that period of cortisone withdrawal. Homeopathy certainly helps but it takes time; and it may not be as fast acting as cortisone. The patient has to endure the phase created due to cortisone withdrawal. Slowly, homeopathic medicine takes control of the situation by then the patient may not need cortisone. This may take time. The amount of time it takes to overcome cortisone withdrawal syndrome depends on the following points: a. Amount of cortisone used b. Duration of cortisone use c. Severity of disease d. Duration of the disease.

Patient's awareness about this fact and active cooperation helps us to overcome this crisis and treat the disease.


QYou are claiming on your website that Lichen Planus is curable, while my doctors in the US are saying that it is not curable.

As per the conventional medicine Lichen Planus may not be curable. However, homeopathy (the alternative medicine) has a cure for it. We have documented over 2000 cases of Lichen Planus at Life Force, and we can say that Lichen Planus is curable. Ask you doctors to visit the web site and talk to me directly if they have questions.

QHow does homeopathic medicine work for Lichen Planus?

Well, since we do not have clear knowledge about how is Lichen Planus caused, it is difficult to establish how homeopathic medicine cures it. Based on our experience of treating over 2000 cases, we believe that homeopathy works by modulating the altered immune system.

QHow much time does the treatment take to cure?

The length of time to cure Lichen Planus using homeopathy depends on the following factors:
a. Duration of Lichen Planus
b. Extent 
c. Probable cause
d. Areas affected (only skin, skin and mouth, etc.)
e. previous treatment with steroids

By and large, milder cases of shorter duration may get cured within 3 to 4 months. Most severe and extensive cases of many years standing may take over two years.

QWhen do I start seeing improvement after starting homeopathy medicine?

Most patients start observing improvement within about six to eight weeks. Those with oral lesions / on steroids may take longer at times.

QDo homeopathic medicines have side effects?

There are absolutely no side effects whatsoever with homeopathic medicines. They are safe for all age groups, including babies and pregnant mothers.

QI have started with your treatment since about six to eight weeks. Instead of improvement, I have found some new spots of Lichen Planus. Why is it so?

Lichen Planus eruptions (lesions) could increase in spite of medications in the following circumstances:

a. If there is recent history of suppression of lesions using cortisone

b. The disease process is very active

c. Triggering or maintaining factors are active such as stress, use of drugs such as pain killers, anti-blood pressure medicines, etc.

d. Homeopathic medicines never increase Lichen Planus.

QIf I am on some other medications such as drugs for diabetes, hypertension, etc.; do I have to stop them while on homeopathy?

No. You can continue all other medicines for other diseases if you start with homeopathy. Homeopathy does not adversely interact with the conventional medicines.

QDo homeopathic medicines contain steroids (cortisone)?

The steroids or cortisone are never used in homeopathy. It is surprising that when homeopathy works very well, some people like to suspect that the medicines may contain some cortisone. Also, the laboratory tests may have some false results, as explained in a separate article, for which please click here.