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Lichen Planus Testimonials

R.S. India

No more spots. No itching. It is cured. No spreading. But what I feel that, on my fore head and scalp (top head) it is cured, but on my legs. I can say that, second time in the span of ten years, I was attacked by Lichen Planus and both times, I took medicine form Dr Rajesh Shah and this time the recovery is much faster than the previous time.

A. A., Egypt

I have responded quite well to the treatment. I achieved like 75% improvement of my lichen planus since the treatment started. This is significant improvement!! As advised by your doctors, I gradually withdrew topical and oral steroids over like three weeks after starting your treatment. I noticed some increase in the symptoms (mainly itching) and lesions were a little bit more prominent. However, this is much better now, although i still get some bouts of moderate (NOT mild) itching in my legs.

H. P., UK

Responded very well, 90% improvement. Now I only have 3 or 4 spots on my elbow but none anywhere else. The spots faded very fast.

D. W., USA

I have responded favorably to the treatment. There is still decreased severity in reactions & sensitivities to food in mouth. I estimate 85% improvement in Oral LP. I estimate rashes on palms of both hands 98% only a few little bumps on each palm. Regarding nails, all fingernails looking better as they continue to grow out. The right thumb nail which was the worst, is flattening out more; it's still mostly dark, has about 30% lightened growth now, but at least it no longer has deep bucklings. The right big toe nail looks about 95% normal. The left big toe nail is still growing out - looks about 75% normal. I notice much improvement in LP overall, and it has slowed down and stopped spreading. All spots have improved...about 95% or stable.

P. C., UK

My Lichen Planus has not spread. The side of my tongue was quite raw/inflamed, there is a change in that area in that it's not as raw as it use to be. I have no new eruptions, the old are much improved. I find that I can tolerate the ordinary toothpaste a lot better than before,as well as a little hot and spicy food, and my nails are slowly improving. I mostly had the pigmentation in my cheeks whic has also improved.

K. B., USA

About 90% improvement. Amazing results. The scars on the hands have lightened which is promising.

E. V., USA

I am happy to say my Lichen Planus has stayed clear and my dentist says I had Lichen Planus in my mouth which has now cleared. Needless to say I am very happy with my results.Thank you so much.

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Lichen Planus Case Studies

A 46-year-old male patient from the USA, Dr. R. P. (PIN: 26560) observed the development of a few skin eruptions, which were itchy and spreading. He visited a skin specialist; the biopsy of the same confirmed that he had Lichen planus. The skin specialist prescribed him a topical steroid.

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A 48-year-old male patient, Mr. A.K. (PIN: 41650) visited Life Force and started homeopathic treatment for his complaint of her lichen planus in November 2019. 

He was suffering from a skin condition for 6 months. The lesions of lichen planus were present on his hands, legs, and sh.....Read more

Lichen planus (LP) is an idiopathic, cell-mediated immune disorder. It is a chronic systemic disease that commonly involves oral mucosa and skin lesions.  The clinical manifestations of LP have been described as the 6 Ps of Lichen planus, (Pruritic, purple, polygonal, planar, papules, and pl.....Read more

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Lichen Planus Testimonials

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Lichen Planus

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