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Charanjit Bhatia, Mumbai

Dr. Mehta told me about Dr. Rajesh Shah, so I came here for treatment. I was suffering from nose block and colds and sinusitis since the past 20 years. I was so addicted to Otrivin that I had to keep it in the car, office, home. If it was over, even at 2am, I would have to rush to buy a Otrivin. Since taking Dr. Rajesh Shah’s treatment, my frequent cold and nose block is cured. It is a miracle. Thank youClick here to view original testimonial
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S. B., Canada

There is 25-30% improvement. The spread has slowed down. The scales have thinned down. The cured areas of the skin have turned dark. Thank GOD and thank Dr Shah, most of the patches have totally dissappeared. The scalp is almost clear we dont see any visual sign. One big patch on leg is smoothened out but the residual scar still remains. Overall wonderful and astonishing results. I hope their is no reccurence.

Shivendra Kumar Agrawal

I, S.K.A, PIN: 17458, India, was suffering from Asthma and consistent cough. It was trigerred due to factors like being in AC and with strong odours. I was put on the regular inhalers for it with out much relief. With Dr. Shah treatment I am much better and now there is no need of inhaler and nebulizer which I used to take regularly in past. Thank you doctor for your efforts in curing me. Uploaded on 29 May 2012 by Dr. Z.A


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