• Trigeminal Neuralgia/homeopathic medicines case photos/

    Why does your neurologist not suggest Homeopathy? Simply because his is not trained in homeopathy.

    You cannot suffer due to someone’s ignorance, can you?

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia/homeopathic medicines case photos/

    Having attacks of dreadful pain 10 to 100+ times in a day? Trigeminal Neuralgia makes life miserable

    We know this disease. Dr Shah have treated over 1050 cases from across the world

  • /homeopathic medicines case photos/

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  • /homeopathic medicines case photos/

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  • /homeopathic medicines case photos/

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  • /homeopathic medicines case photos/

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  • /homeopathic medicines case photos/

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I want you to imagine this ghastly disease, which someone known to you might be suffering with: Imagine an open-ended, live electric wire in your hand. Now, imagine touching it to your eyes and face for one or two seconds. Now, imaging, touching it for 30 to 200 seconds… and repeat this experience. That is the kind of pain the patients of Trigeminal Neuralgia experience, many times a day, for months or years.

This is the most painful condition ever known to humans, as Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, says, who has treated and documented over 1050 cases of this disease.

Considering that the disease is very severe, serious and resistant to most treatments, it is unwise to treat it with only one line of treatment such as only the conventional (allopathic) medicines. This disease calls for adding homeopathic medicines to the treatment protocol.

Strategic use of homeopathic medicines from an experienced homeopathic doctor could bring greater control and substantial relief in the cases of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

It is likely that your neurologist might not suggest you homeopathy for your Trigeminal Neuralgia. That is simply because your neurologist might not be aware of the benefits of homeopathy for this grave disease; as the conventional doctors are not trained in homeopathy, in most countries.

You cannot suffer due to the ignorance of your doctor! You, as a patient or caretaker of the patient, would like to take advantage of the new developments in medicine; and use all the resources, isn’t it?

The patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia are strongly suggested to add homeopathy to their treatment regime.

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