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Carbamazepine adverse effects in Trigeminal Neuralgia

For Trigeminal Neuralgia treatment, conventional doctors would prescribe Carbamazepine. Carbamazepine is actually an anticonvulsant (epilepsy) which is found to be an effective treatment in many cases as long as taken for a long period. Carbamazepine may not be as effective for Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. Common trade names are Tegretol, Mazetol, etc.

Side effects of Carbamazepine

  • An overdose of carbamazepine could prove fatal, deaths have been reported rarely, with very large doses, without the supervision of a doctor.
  • Early side effects are drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, or nausea.
  • Memory loss and a sense of exhaustion are observed commonly.
  • Weight gain is a major and common side effect.
  • Osteoporosis (loss of calcium) is a common adverse effect demanding an extra dose of calcium supplement.
  • Nystagmus (side to side movement of the eyeball.)
  • Damage to vision is a major long-term side effect.
  • The altered thought process is a significant side effect in some patients.
  • Skin rash and lowered blood pressure may prove a serious problem in some patients, calling for urgent medical attention.
  • Low level of sodium (Hyponatremia) is a serious side effect of long-term use.
  • Hematologic (blood-related), hepatic (liver related), cardiovascular (heart-related) and dermatologic reactions, which require discontinuation of therapy.
  • Psychiatric symptoms like hallucinations (visual or acoustic), depression, sometimes, talkativeness, agitation, loss of appetite, restlessness, aggressive behavior, confusion, activation of psychosis may be observed.

Homeopathic treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia is safe and free from adverse effects.

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Source: Several textbooks of medicine, neurology, pharmacology.

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