Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment in Mumbai

Treatment overview by Dr Rajesh Shah, MD

Trigeminal Neuralgia is the most painful condition, and also, one of the most difficult diseases to treat, there are many ways to treat this disease. It may be noted that all the patients may not respond equally to all the treatment modalities. The patient has to choose the right kind of treatment, which would help him or her, based on the clinical symptoms. This decision is best taken with the help of your neuro-physician.

It is important that your neuro-physician or neurologist is aware of all the possible methods of treating Trigeminal Neuralgia, and not restrict the opinion to only conventional medicines.

There are alternative medicines such as homeopathy, which helps Trigeminal Neuralgia. If your neurologist is not informed about the possible role of homeopathy to treat your Trigeminal Neuralgia, you as an informed patient must inform your neurologist. Yes, it is often observed that conventionally trained doctors have knowledge limited to what they have learned. After all, you need to get well!

Treatment options for Trigeminal Neuralgia:

Let us talk about the pros and cons of various modes of treatment:

01 Conventional medicines

The most common and effective medicine is carbamazepine and its related medicines such, as phenytoin, which are essentially anti-convulsive medicines. Other medicines are sodium valproate, gabapentin, and pregabalin.

These medicines are certainly effective for controlling painful attacks of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Downside: There are many adverse effects and the medicines are habit-forming. The use of this medicine is for a very long time, from a few months to many years. The pain returns soon on reducing the dose.

02 Homeopathic medicines

Some of the commonly indicated homeopathic medicines are Mezereum, Platina, Aurum Metallicum (gold compound), Silica, Phosphorus Magnesium Phosphoricum, Spigelia. A well-chosen medicine can reduce painful attacks and may lead to remission. The medicines are free from adverse effects.

Downside: The selection of medicine is a bit difficult and not all practitioners are experienced in the treatment of Trigeminal neuralgia. Also, the medicine may not always work as fast as conventional medicines. A combination of homeopathy with conventional medicine is the best way to manage Trigeminal neuralgia. 
For more information on Homeopathic treatment Click Here

03 Glycerol injection

This procedure comprises injection glycerol, liquid-like alcohol, at a specific spot to block the pain fibers, which carry pain signals. It helps many cases, if not all, to get relief for a period of 2 to six months.

Downside: Expert hand is required. Pain tends to relapse after a few months. Mild to moderate aftereffects in the form of numbness or mild paralysis of the face could happen.

4 RFT OR RFTC (Radio Frequency Thermo-coagulation)

This is a surgical procedure, which entails the use of radiofrequency needles to general local heat through electrical current, at a particular spot of the trigeminal nerve. The procedure is done under anesthesia.

Downside: The success is partial and short-lasting. The procedure will require being repeated after some time. Side effects are common.

05 Balloon compression

This surgical procedure entails the percutaneous compression of a trigeminal nerve by a balloon. The results are mixed.

Downside: The procedure may require being repeated. Postsurgical complications are common.

06 Micro-vascular decompression (MVD)

This invasive surgical procedure gives relief for a long time as the affected part of the nerve is physically approached. The success rate is high, over 80%.

Downside: It is an invasive surgery involving sensitive nerves. Should be used when nothing works.

07 Gamma knife radiosurgery

The procedure entails the use of radiation to reach out to the affected Trigeminal Nerve. Results are variable with a high failure rate.

Downside: Its success rate is less, about 50%. Relapses do happen. The adverse effect such as annoying numbness on the face is experienced by most patients.

08 Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a method known to be useful for many painful conditions. It can be tried for Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Downside: You need to find an experienced practitioner to treat you.

09 Self-hypnosis

Hypnosis is claimed to help many forms of painful conditions. Some self-hypnosis therapy and training may help to get relief from very severe attacks. After all, pain is a subjective sensation and there is a possibility that hypnosis may help reduce the perception of pain.

Downside seems less reliable. The patient has to undergo training in hypnosis, which may take a lot of efforts.

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