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Trigeminal Neuralgia: How to reduce Carbamazepine (Tegretol, Mazetol)


Most patients who have been taking the conventional medicines for Trigeminal treatment, at one point look for stopping them as the medicines often induce a variety of side-effects such as lethargy, loss of memory, weakness of bones (osteoporosis), giddiness, low energy, etc.

After starting homeopathic medicines, it is often possible to reduce or stop the need for the conventional medicines, depending on the extent of TN as well as the drug dependency. We are working on a protocol which has helped many to achieve it. However, it may not be possible in all the cases. Here are some guidelines on how to do it.

First of all, the dose reduction after starting the homeopathic medicine is advised to be done only under the care of a local neuro-physician or family physician who is familiar with your case. It may be noted that abrupt reduction of the dose of the conventional medicine may lead to severe relapse which may call for additional dose. Please note that the writer of these instructions or the doctors connected with this website do not take any responsibility whatsoever if the patient experiences any after-effects due to the reduction of the dose.

Steps for Reducing Conventional Medicines

  • Patient must initially continue with his conventional medicines even after starting homeopathic medicines and should not stop it without the advice of his doctor.
  • On seeing improvement in the pain after starting homeopathic medicines, the patient can gradually taper down the dose of conventional medicines over a period of time.
  • Under no circumstances should the patient stop conventional treatment without medical advice since this may cause a rebound increase in the severity of the complaints.
  • When the patient notices about 25% improvement in his trigeminal neuralgia (frequency, duration, and severity of the pain) after starting homeopathic treatment and this improvement is sustained, he can reduce the dosage of the conventional medicine by about 20%. This reduced dosage must be maintained for at least 2 months before reducing the dose further.
  • In case there is rebound increase in the complaints after reducing conventional medicines, the patient must revert back to the original dose of the medicine.
  • Once the improvement is progressive and sustained subsequently, further reduction of the dose may be done. Please remember to avoid hurry or over-enthusiasm in the tapering of the dose. It may also be noted that in severe or resistant cases, tapering of the dose may not be successful.
  • Any reduction in the dose of the conventional medicines must be done only under the supervision of the treating neuro-physician and the same should be informed to us.

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