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    Dr Shah's breakthrough research in animal model:
    Homeopathy is as effective as pain-killers

    Research conducted at Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT).  



A. B., India

Good improvement. The autism is getting better. My daughter can understand things now. She can communicate well. She has started speaking in sentences.

I.S., UK

I have felt a lot better since starting to take the medicine. My pain has improved by 80%. So now I have 20% of pain some of the time (4 times a week I'd say on average) whereas before it was almost every night. Sometimes pain at the base of my spine and sciatica, but the strength and frequency are much less compared to before. I am very happy with the medicine and I would say this one is working so maybe it's better I stay on this one but you guys know best.

S.A, India

I, S.A, PIN: 13335, was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome (NS). I was put on steroids for it but every time I would get cough, cold or if the steroids were reduced, I would have a relapse of my NS and would develop swelling all over and have protein loss in the urine. It’s been around one and half years and I have responded well to the medicines. I did not have any relapse since the time I started with Dr Shah’s medicines. I have a considerable improvement in my NS and my dependence on Allopathic medicines has also reduced with these medicines. There is lot of improvement in my condition and I am thankful to Dr Shah as this prolonged medical problem was having an effect on my temperament and making me very irritable. With no relapse in the last so many months and less dependence on my Allopathic medicines I feel hopeful about my life and I am regaining my cheerfulness, Thank you Dr Shah.


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