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J. O., Kenya

I have progressed so well since i started taking the medicines. My gout is remarkably better. My hitherto inflamted feet became normal after about 7 to 10 days of taking medicines. The pain disappeared and I have never experienced any gout attack since then.

T.W, U.S.A

I (Patient Identification Number: 17201) was suffering from Oral Lichen Planus since last one year; I had severe redness inside the mouth and burning sensation which was more on taking spicy food. With Dr Shah’s treatment; the progress has been very good. It has cleared up dramatically and there is 98% improvement since I began the treatment. The redness has gone and I am able to take moderately spicy food with out any burning sensation. I feel so good as if my oral lichen planus is an afterthought now. I am really thankful to Dr. Rajesh Shah for his effective treatment.


I, Mrs. S. J had started my treatment with Lifeforce in November 2009 for Lichen Planus. It was a nice experience as my disease got cured completely. Thank you Dr. Rajesh Shah and his wonderful and supportive team.


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