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    Dr Shah's breakthrough research in animal model:
    Homeopathy is as effective as pain-killers

    Research conducted at Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT).  



Mst. D.S.P, USA

My son Mst. D.S.P (Patient Identification Number: 19899), the response to the treatment so far has been very good. So far in last 4 months we have noticed only two occasions that the protein in his urine increased to +1 or +2 and within 2-3 days it was trace/negative. This is a remarkable improvement. In the past the protein would have escalated to +4 and extreme swelling and accumulation of fluid would occur. There has been no occurrence of swelling or accumulation of fluid while on treatment, and his weight is slowly decreasing. So far, I would say that his response when protein levels are elevated is as much as 85-90%. His need for steroid has also reduced and we were able to taper off and keep him on a minimum dose of steroid with out much increase in the protein loss and swelling.

A. Jhonsa, Mumbai, India

I had been suffering from severe Allergic colds since many years and would get severe bouts of sneezing everyday for all these years. There was a constant feeling of dullness with no desire to work due to my Colds. But after starting Homeopathic treatment, things have changed a lot for me and I'm feeling much better now. In less than a year's time, my Allergic colds of many years' duration has gone and I no longer suffer from the bouts of allergic colds. I'm overall feeling much energetic now and am glad that I opted for Homeopathic treatment to get rid of my complaints.

A. M. J., USA

I noticed a 70% reduction in psoriasis plaques with about 2 months of taking the medicine. I am taking my medicine twice a day and the spots are starting to fade. I think I need to get more of the miracle stuff!!!


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