• Prostatitis Treatment

    Chronic Prostatitis, Recurrent Prostatitis
    and Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH)

    find promising results using homeopathy.

    Experience, Expertise, Ethics

  • Prostatitis Treatment

    Tired of frequent use of antibiotics for Prostatitis?

    Homeopathy works for frequent Prostatitis and related disorders

  • Prostatitis Treatment

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    Our patients in 180+ countries have trusted us
    Experience, Expertise, Ethics

  • Prostatitis Treatment

    Low Immune system gives you Frequent Prostate infections

    Homeopathy enhances body's resistance and prevents infections
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What are the chances of cure for your Prostatitis with homeopathy?

Excellent: Mild and early cases.
Good: Moderate, severe and 2-4 years old cases.
Not so good: Very severe, very old (> 10 years), with many antibiotics; large size .

Dr Shah's experience with Prostatitis

Prostatitis means an inflamed prostate gland in man. Prostatitis may be acute, chronic or recurring. It may be due to bacterial infection or may be abacterial. Estimated 5% men suffer with Prostatitis. Homeopathy helps amazingly when antibiotics fail to cure. Our patients in 180 countries have been benefited.

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Prostate is a walnut size gland weighing about 15 to 25 grams, in males. It can get inflamed (prostatitis) can get enlarged (BEP) or may get cancerous. Frequetn infection of prostate is called Prostatitis, which is lawgely a bacterial infection, tends to recur every now and than, requiring courses of antibiotics.

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Dr. Shah's Advice

If you have acute infective prostatitis, antibiotics will be a better choice. If you have recurring infections, I suggest you homeopathy.

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Today's Tips

If you have increased frequency of urination, if you need to wait or strain while urinating or if your urine stream has become weak, please get a pelvic sonography done to rule out Prostate enlargement.


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What our Prostatitis patients say

Some patients sharing their experiences at Life Force

I had been diagnosed as having Benign Enlargement of Prostate and had been very disturbed due to my symptoms. I had even stopped socialising on account of the same. I started Homeopathic treatment with the hope that it would help me till the time I decided to go in for surgery. To my pleasant surprise, my symptoms were more than 80% better within a span of just 2 months. I am glad I opted for Homeopathy at the right time and got relief from my distressing condition. I am very grateful to Dr Shah for helping me.

Mr. V. N. K., Mumbai, India

My country does not have homeopathy. I got so much better with your treatment, I was wondering how else could I have received homeopathy if there was no Internet?

Miyako Furuta, Tokyo, Japan