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What are the chances of cure for your Sleeplessness with homeopathy?

Excellent: Mild, moderate and early cases.
Good: Moderate, severe, with associated depression, neurosis, etc.
Not so good: Very severe, very old (> 15 years), with dependency on sleeping pills.

Dr Shah's experience with Sleeplessness


Sleeplessness (Insomnia) is more common than thought of. Having enough quality sleep is vital to the emotional and physical well being. Most people believe that one needs sleeping pills for sleeplessness.

Dr Shah's homeopathy offers natural sleep without sleeping pills. We've patients in 180 countries.

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Try to understand your sleeplessness or insomnia. Do you have difficulty falling to sleep or your sleep interrupted or you tend to wake up early or you have nightmares?

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What is homeopathy?

Dr. Shah's Advice


If you have anxiety or emotional turmoil making your mind restless or sleepless, get it treated using correct homeopathic treatment.

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What is homeopathy?

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Read some good book or listen to peaceful music before retiring to sleep. If you wake up from sleep, do not worry about not falling back to sleep. Simply decide to go to sleep. You may also try some prayers or meditation.

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What our Sleeplessness patients say

Some patients sharing their experiences at Life Force

My overall health has been generally good. Emotionally I feel that I have been doing fine. I would like to comment that my sleep patterns have improved immensely. I have noticed that in a week I usually have five nights of relaxed sleep compared to before of two to three nights of relaxed sleep.

T. L. W., Saskatchewan, Canada

Dear Dr. Shah, Dr. Shah: I must tell you that recently one Dr. G-- writes in a news paper in Oregon that it is a waste to go for homeopathy. I am writing to how very wrong he is as while I don't know much about the American ones, your India ones are fantastic for me. I thank you so very much!

Lois H., 82 years old, from Oregon, USA