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    Welcome to a new way of treating Chronic Diseases

    Dr. Rajesh Shah’s scientific, non-conventional approach brings revolution in homeopathy treatment.

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    Dr. Shah’s new medicines from biological sources:
    He has revamped 100 years old method of Nosode preparation.

    Nosodes are homeopathic medicines sourced from biological materials.

  • Dr. Rajesh Shah

    Conventional Medicine may not cure all the diseases.

    Conventional doctor’s opinion may be limited to what they are taught. Many diseases declared incurable may find a treatment with homeopathy. The patient has to find out if his disease is treatable.

  • Dr. Rajesh Shah

    Did you have homeopathy opinion for autoimmune, allergic, metabolic, genetic, neurological, psychosomatic, hormonal, emotional diseases?

    Chronic diseases need homeopathy treatment.

    Unfortunately, your doctor may have missed suggesting it to you.

  • Dr. Rajesh Shah

    ”Skin diseases emerge from inside which need to be treated from inside; and not from outside by lotions.”

  • Dr. Rajesh Shah

    About Dr. Shah’s family, his personal life
    and interests areas.

    Non-professional side of Dr. Rajesh Shah!

  • Dr. Rajesh Shah

    At Life Force, development happened naturally.

    We realized it later that we were world’s first in many areas
       1st  And only clinic treating patients from 180+ countries 
       1st  Online clinic
       1st  ISO 9001:2000 certified homeopathy clinic with R&D
       1st  Clinic to offer patient log in
       1st  Paperless clinic
       1st  Homeopathy doctor’s mobile app
       1st  Clinic with new drug discovery facility

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  • Dr. Rajesh Shah

    “In the life of a doctor cum researcher like me, there is no bigger joy than to research on new medicines.”

  • Dr. Rajesh Shah

    Dr. Shah is an innovator, entrepreneur, teacher, researcher, scientist, poet, reformer, mentor, Gandhian philosopher, open minded skeptic


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Find out the chances of cure of your disease using homeopathy. These tests are to suggest a possibility of help with homeopathy. After personally answering queries from thousands of patients from across the globe, Dr Rajesh Shah has developed this Test series. You can use for free! They are copyright protect.

Team LifeForce

Our team of 85 people, including 25 fulltime doctors, not only offers the best of homeopathic treatment but rather sets international standards in good homeopathic medical practice.



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Research and Homeopathy

Patients from all across the world approach Life Force for the treatment of chronic and recurring diseases. Obviously, there are good doctors in all countries. Patients from many countries still contacted Life Force because they did not get well, due to the very nature of those difficult-to-treat-diseases. Those diseases included all kind of chronic diseases such as psoriasis, migraine, asthma, eczema, lichen planus, vitiligo, urticaria, trigeminal neuralgia, ulcerative colitis and many more.

Why should you get treated at Life Force?

Well, if you have a severe disease not responding to any regular treatment, you need experts having huge experience and proven track record. That’s why Life Force. Welcome to amazing experience…

Dr. Shah homeopathy experience

Dr Shah’s homeopathy expertise

In practice since 1985, Dr Shah's commitment and involvement in research have changed the face of homeopathy. His best treatment protocols and latest research benefit the patients at Life Force. Chronic, recurring and resistant diseases are treated here.

Patients from 180 countries have been treated at Life Force, which is a World Record.

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What is homeopathy?

Why homeopathy?

Diseases are getting complex. There is no single mode of treatment that can treat all the diseases at all stages. The conventional medicine has strengths as well as limitations, just like any other technology. The collaboration of homeopathy and the conventional medicine makes the best way to manage a larger number of ailments.

Homeopathy, the German system of medicine, has been increasingly recognized as a form of nano-pharmacological medicine; where potentised, small doses of medicinal substances are prescribed to stimulate body’s own healing mechanisms. It is effective yet safe.

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About Homeopathy, Life Force and Dr Rajesh Shah

Homeopathy is a scientific, logical, safe, and extremely effective method of treating chronic diseases. Homeopathy treats the diseases at a root-level so the results are long-lasting. Homeopathy is one of the most rational sciences with respect to its concepts of health, disease, and cure. Homeopathy originated in Germany in 1796 and is very popular in most of the European countries. Homeopathic treatment is available across India as there are over 2.5 million qualified homeopathic doctors available in India. Undoubtedly, homeopathy is the medicine of the future.

Homeopathy has emerged now as a nano-medicine, as the homeopathic medicines have been found to contain nanoparticles of the starting material. A lot of homeopathic research in India has given breakthrough findings in recent years. Dr Rajesh Shah's homeopathy research has also contributed significantly to the growth of this science. Dr Shah has collaborated about 35 scientists including chemists, molecular biologists, pharmacologists, virologists, immunologists, etc. in premium institutions such as Haffkine Institute, IIT-B, ICT, Mumbai University, Tata Institute (ACTREC), Nair Hospital, and more.

Since 1985, Dr Shah has been involved in the practice, education, research and promotion of homeopathy. He is in the book of World Records since the year 2000 for treating patients from the highest number of countries in the world. Currently, the patients from 182 countries have been treated by Dr Shah.

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