• Cervical Spondylitis Treatment

    Have Cervical Spondylitis, painful or stiff neck?

    Try homeopathy treatment: It works.
    It is effective for pain relief and safe

  • Cervical Spondylitis Treatment

    Patients who took homeopathy with conventional
    medicine responded faster

    than those who did not take homeopathy

    It is effective for pain relief and safe

  • Cervical Spondylitis Treatment

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  • Cervical Spondylitis Treatment

    How long will you keep using Pain-killers and neck collar?

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  • Cervical Spondylitis Treatment

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  • Cervical Spondylitis Treatment

    Aren't you tired of pain-killers?

    Homeopathy for Cervical Spondylitis (Neck pain) offers amazing results

    Cervical spondylitis = painful neck, due to inflammation of
    the space between the neck vertebra.

  • Cervical Spondylitis Treatment

    At Life Force we conducted a clinical trial for Pain

    Dr Shah's new, patented medicine offered better results

    Homeopathy is effective yet safe

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What are the chances of cure for your Cervical Spondylitis with homeopathy?

Excellent: Early and mild cases, younger agegroup.
Good: Moderate to severe cases.
Not so good: Very severe and very old cases.

Dr Shah's experience with Cervical Spondylitis

Due to inflammation of the space between the neck vertebra, due to age-related degenerative changes. Homeopathy offers great help to relieve pain and inflammation. We offer treatment expertise through the internet which has helped our patients in 180 countries.

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Cervical spondylitis is an inflammation of soft tissues between the neck vertebras. This may give pain in the neck, shoulder and hands; with numbness and tingling. Prolonged use of computers is one of the most common causes of Cervical spondylitis in young people. It can be helped using homeopathy.

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Dr. Shah's Advice

In cases of Cervical Spondylitis, regular neck exercise forms an important part of treatment besides medicines. Make neck movement in clock and antilock direction, for about 2-3 minutes, every two hours, when at work place, under care of a physiotherapist. It will help you.

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Today's Tips

X-ray of people over 30 years may show certain signs of aging process, which may be reported as Cervical Spondylitis by the radiologist. It requires treatment only if one has significant pain. Or else, it may need preventive measures such as exercise.


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What our Cervical Spondylitis patients say

Some patients sharing their experiences at Life Force

I had been suffering from Cervical Spondylitis since 2 years and even had to be hospitalised for traction a couple of times. I had been on painkillers for Spondylitis but that would give me only temporary relief. Then I opted for Homeopathic treatment. I am very glad about this decision of mine. Within a few months of starting Homeopathic treatment, my Cervical Spondylitis were much better than before and I was able to stop all the painkillers. Thank you very much Dr Shah.

Mrs. P. J. Sawant, Mumbai, India - Cervical Spondylitis

I am very happy to say that I have been greatly helped in my complaints of Cervical Spondylitis with Homeopathic treatment. I feel lucky to have opted for Homeopathic treatment at the right time.

Mrs. S. S. Labhde, Mumbai, India - Cervical Spondylitis